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0187 Tall Gaillard Sauce Pan - medium
Tall Gaillard Sauce Pan – medium
Price: 325 USD

19th century. Hand-hammered. Diameter: 6.3. Height: 7.1 inches. Weight: 4.4 lbs. Iron handle with copper rivets: 7.5 inches. Stamp: Gaillard, Paris.

This wonderful tall sauce pan, a so called casserole à jus or casserole russe (likely named after the nested matryoshka dolls as the different sized casseroles fit together snugly , was discovered at a small market (or brocante) in the heart of France. It was created by the famed J. Gaillard of Paris. It is a beautiful example of the high quality products created at that time, made from much thicker copper than you find nowadays.

The iron handle has been fastened with copper rivets. The copper has been hammered by hand, which gives a multi-faceted shimme to the surface. It bears a stamp of ‘Gaillard, Paris’

One of the attached pictures shows the original Gaillard catalogue page.